a sleep-wake app


Parents of children with brain-based disabilities record a large amount of information about their child’s medication, sleep, and wake behaviours. Every parent has their own. The sheer quantity of medical and non-medical records can be overwhelming for the parents and the clinicians.


We created SWAPP to help parents and clinicians track a child’s behaviours. The app adopts a user-centered approach to collecting information, allowing parents to ‘own their data’ and individualize what they keep track of on a long-term bases, while also tracking short-term data that is requested by a clinician — such as positive or negative effects of a prescribed medication — allowing for immediate follow up, if necessary.


  • Assist with the wireframes
  • Implement the design
  • Collaborate with other designers to come up with design solutions


  • Able to implement the design that was passed on from the design team
  • Able to make changes and adjustments by collaborating with the design team
  • Able to build a full functioning web app with a small team (a back-end + a front-end)


  • Simon Fraser University
  • BC Children's Hospital
  • Emily Carr University
Made withand lots of JS.