Crime, Climate and Population

just like you, criminals are more likely to be out on a sunny day.

Crime, Climate and Population is a project that a partner and I made for Visual Analytics class. This project aims to answer whether there's a correlation between crime rate, annual climate and population in the U.S. The system reads three different datasets (csv files), crime rate data, climate data and population data. The data is presented using choropleth map to allow easy analysis and interaction with each individual state.


  • Researching and retrieving the dataset
  • Identifying what type of questions is the visualization supposed to answer
  • Designing the visual representation of the collected dataset
  • Developing the prototype


  • Able to work with both Processing and Eclipse to build a visual representation.
  • Able to design and develop a good visual representation system to shows the data appropriately
  • Able to analyze and work with large amount of data


  • Procesing
  • controlP5
  • Unfolding Maps
Made withand lots of JS.