SSN Website

Secure Settlment Network

Secure Settlement Network (SSN) is an open, neutral and secure payment authorization ledger; linking payment providers to merchants and customers.

In this project, I was the Lead UI/UX Designer in charge of designing the website as well as the Team Lead to oversee the development of the website.


The design process of this project began with a pen-and-paper wireframe to draft out the flow and user-experience of the site. We then tested out the wireframe with the stakeholders to make sure the navigation and the structure are how the stakeholders envisioned it to be.

We then proceeded to draft the first version of the high-fidelity mockup of the site using Adobe XD. In this part of the process, we were able to decide on the colour scheme and the overall look and feel for the site.


For this project, we decided to use Jekyll framework which was built using Ruby. This framework allows us to quickly transform the design from a high-fidelity mockup into a production-ready website. Because this is a very simple website with mainly static content, Jekyll proved to be the perfect choice for this project.


  • Design the UI of the website
  • Oversee the implementation of the website
  • Work with the creative team to request for suitable illustrations
  • Maintain and update the website as required


  • Able to design the whole website from scratch
  • Able to quickly transform a mockup into a production-ready product
  • Able to lead and oversee the whole development of a website
  • Able to work with different teams to make sure that the project stayed on track and completed on time


  • Wireframe
  • Mockup
  • Web Development
Made withand lots of JS.