Sabay Website

a new coporate website

In late 2019, Sabay were looking to redesign their corporate website as it was, at that time, outdated and did not reflect the value and the company very well. I was assigned as a Development Lead to oversee the development of the website.

In this project, I worked with a Lead Designer who designed the majority of the new Sabay website.


For this project, we decided to use Jekyll framework which was built using Ruby. We decided to use Jekyll because this corporate website is a simple static website with very few pages.


  • Work with another lead designer to design the website
  • Offer my knowledge and expertise ui/ux design during the conceptualization phase
  • Oversee the website development by delegating work to a web developer


  • Able to work with another designer to design and implement the website
  • Able to lead a small team to develop a relatively content-heavy website
  • Able to work with various stakeholders to come up with new content for the website


  • Mockup
  • Web Development
  • Communication + Collaboration
Made withand lots of JS.