Heuristic Evaluation: Science World Website


Toolset:  Heuristic Evlation | Observation | Task Analysis

In a team of three people, we were tasked to perform a heuristic evaluation to find usability problems in Science World's website. We started off this project by coming up with a list of user's goals for the website such as checking out the schedule, buying tickets and booking a field trip etc. Once we had all the goals listed out, we then proceeded to task analysis by analyzing how those goals can be completed. Individually, we went through the tasks while using the websites to find usability problems. We gathered all the usability problems found and assessed the severity of the problems. Last but not least, we wrote a heuristic evaluation report discussing our findings and suggested improvements that we believe we help solving those usability problems. The report was later submitted to Science World.


  • Perform heuristic evaluation with other experts
    on the team

  • Perform task analysis

  • Help writing the final report


  • Able to perform heuristic evaluation and task analysis

  • Able to understand important tasks to be analyzed

  • Able to deliver a report that demonstrates the usability problems along with suggested improvements