Project MOMO

Momo is a robotic pet that keeps the user be aware of the light usage that the user is in. Momo likes to live in the dark, she can walk and breathe in the dark. However, when there's too much light in the room, she would panic and if being exposed to the light for too long she would eventually die. In order to bring her back to her calm happy life, the user must dim down or turn off the light.

  • Researching and brainstorming ideas
  • Build the physical model
  • Program MOMO's behaviour
  • Able to design, prototype and produce a kinetic sculpture
  • Able to study and understand the target users
  • Able to do rapid prototyping
  • Able to branstorm multiple ideas and work through different iterations
  • Able to collaborate with colleagues to achieve a common goal

  • Arduino
  • Java
  • Ivor Sangala
  • Kyle Historillo
  • Tiffany Chang